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April 4, 2018 CDD Meeting Highlights


April 4, 2018

The meeting opened with the Board hearing comments from two residents regarding the condition of the Bahia grass along the natural areas and the illegal use of ATV’s & motorcycles along the unpaved stretch of Caliente Blvd. The Board is aware that the Bahia has deteriorated over the last 10 -15 years. However, these areas do not have irrigation, there are a limited number of ways to treat Bahia, and the buffer zones along the wood lines are kept as chemical-free as possible. The Board will discuss starting to fund a line item to slowly replace the Bahia throughout the community. Regarding vehicles on Caliente; please call the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office when you see/hear vehicles on the unpaved section of road. The road is County property and is kept accessible for maintenance reasons.

Tom Piciano of PSA, WLP’s landscape inspection vendor, was present to take comments from the Board on the latest changes to the Landscape Specification. The Board also discussed the freeze damage to plants along the main boulevard. The final assessment as to what is coming back versus what needs to be replaced will be made at the April landscape inspection.

Amber Moyse, WLP’s Event Coordinator, gave a presentation reviewing recent and upcoming events. There was a discussion regarding increasing the number of events for middle & high school age youth, and adding several more intramural sports days on weekends & during the summer, perhaps even rotating them between the outlying parks. Amber could really use a few dedicated adult volunteers to help with this program. To help make a difference with our kids, please contact Amber at (813) 995-2437.

In preparation for the Board’s Budget Workshop on April 19th (9:30 AM, open to residents), the Board once again reviewed the latest Reserve Analysis. As numerous changes to the consultant’s report have been made over the last several months, he will be recalculating his recommended funding item totals.   As a reminder, the Reserve Schedule is a working document of the funds set aside for capital repairs & replacement; as such, it is regularly reviewed & modified. Every several years an in-depth review with a consultant is done; that in-depth review is the one that has been done this year.

The Board again discussed the situation with the front roadway pavers. It was agreed to immediately proceed with repair work while we determine if the County would be willing to asphalt the paver areas at the point the main boulevard is repaved. Repaving of the main boulevard is not a CDD responsibility; it requires a resident to come forward and initiate the process with the County. Please refer to the repaving article in last month’s newsletter or contact the Lodge for a copy of the article.

As a reminder, the Board will be discussing the lighting of the Stoneleigh Park sand volleyball court at the May 2nd meeting at 6:30 PM. Potential enhancements for the Woodsmere Park will also be discussed. The Board would like to hear from residents regarding park enhancements. If you are unable to attend the May 2nd meeting, please email Tish Dobson (TDobson@WLPLodge.com) with your ideas.


The next CDD meeting is May 2nd, at 6:30 PM, in the Activities Center.

Resident input is always welcome … we hope to see you there!

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