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April CDD Highlights

Wilderness Lake Preserve CDD held its regular monthly business meeting on Wednesday, April 6.  Here are some highlights from the District’s March meetings:


Stormwater Drainage Inspection and Pond Recertification Program ~ WLP periodically has to examine and report on our drainage systems.  Periodic public reports have to be filed on the condition of the ponds and drainage.  The Board heard about the inspection process and authorized out engineering firm to conduct inspections and make the reports.


Deerfields Landscaping ~ The Deerfields drainage has been completed, but some landscaping was damaged in the process and needs to be repaired.  The Board heard about the problems and approved funds to restore the area.


Street Paver Assessment Program ~ Everyone knows about the wear and tear to the paver stones, especially at the community entrance on Highway 41.  The Board heard about the expense of ongoing repairs, as well as some alternatives to the stones.  It also looked at the costs involved with replacement systems.  No decisions were made so that staff can collect more information on repair and replacement costs.


Playground Update ~ Playground replacement structure has been fabricated, so now we need to get approval and permits from Pasco County.  The inspectors have asked us to provide a survey showing access information.  We are hoping for the building part of the project to begin shortly.


You can find more information about the April meeting when the draft Minutes come out with May’s draft Agenda.  Our next Board meeting is set for the evening of Wednesday, May 4, 2016.  The meeting will start at 6:30 p.m.

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