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CDD Meeting Highlights – February 7, 2018


February 7, 2018

The meeting opened with the Board hearing comments from about a dozen residents, most of whom were in attendance to share their opinions regarding the pros and cons of lighting the sand volleyball court at Stoneleigh Park.  Many thanks to all who attended.  It was really helpful having resident input.

The primary benefit of lighting the court is the ability to play on winter evenings during the week.  Presently, during the winter months, playtime for most families is limited to Saturday & Sunday, and maybe an hour after work during the week.  The court has been extremely popular with residents and receives a tremendous amount of use during daylight hours.  It was mentioned several times how the court has brought that area of the community together, and how many new neighbors residents have met.

The primary concern with lighting the court is the level of noise and inappropriate language that the games are generating.  And there are numerous residents who feel they should not have to deal with the noise/language issue after dark.  It would also cost several thousand dollars to install the lighting, and for a similar amount of money, a second court could probably be installed at the Tower Road Park that would benefit residents in the back portion of the community.

The Board postponed a decision until the May meeting, which is the next time the CDD meets at night.  During the next 90 days, staff will be receiving an additional 2 quotes for installing lights.  Also, the residents agreed they would work on the noise/language problem during their games. We will have another open discussion on this topic during the Board meeting at 6:30 PM on May 2nd.  During the next 3 months we would also like to hear from other residents on this topic.  Please email Tish Dobson at with your thoughts.

Other resident topics that were discussed included golf cart usage in WLP (not allowed on either the roads or sidewalks, please contact the Sherriff’s Office regarding violators), Activity Center room rental policy (confirmed that it is limited to a 5 hour time block), and the towing policy for cars parked illegally on CDD conservation easements (towing policy is being tightened up and violators will be towed).

In other business, the Board ratified the new landscape inspection contract with PSA and approved a consulting contract with Stantec (District Engineer) for the HVAC (air conditioning) system in the Fitness Center.  The Board also reviewed the draft Reserve Study Analysis from Florida Reserve Study & Appraisal.  A representative from the company was in attendance to take Board input and questions.  The Board expects to approve a final report at the March meeting.  Results from the Reserve Study will be incorporated into next fiscal year’s budget.  And finally, the Board received an update on the road paver replacement project at the front of the community.  Pasco County has made several changes to the specification.  Those changes are now being incorporated into a new bid from the paving vendor and the project is back with the county for additional approvals.  The process with the county is taking longer than anticipated so there is still no date set for removal and replacement of the roadway pavers.


The next CDD meeting is March 4th, at 9:30 AM, in the Activity Center.

Resident input is always welcome … we hope to see you there!

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