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CDD Meeting Highlights – January 3, 2018


January 3, 2018

The meeting opened with a thank-you to the staff for all their hard work on events during the autumn and winter holiday season.

Under Walk-On Items, the Board discussed two areas of resident concern; neighborhood security and the pavement condition of WLP Blvd / Night Heron. WLP’s present security measures were reviewed, including the patrols by the off-duty Pasco Sheriffs several times a week. Regarding the roads, as a reminder, WLP’s roads are Pasco County roads, and as such, repair and repaving are a county responsibility and do not fall under the authority of the CDD Board.

Under Business Items, the Board reviewed proposals from two landscape performance companies. Also, the reference checks for both companies were reviewed. The Board awarded the contract to PSA Horticultural. Beginning in March, PSA will be conducting WLP’s landscape inspections instead of our management company (Rizzetta). This allows WLP to move to a performance based landscape contract with a graded performance inspection. Work on a new landscape specification will begin this month, with the intent to review/re-bid the landscape contract in the February/March timeframe.

The District Engineer updated the Board on the permitting process with Pasco County for the replacement of the front roadway pavers with asphalt. It is a four-step approval process. As of the CDD meeting, WLP’s permit was part way through the process. The pavers are being replaced due to their continued deterioration and high cost of maintenance. Also, WLP’s District Engineering firm is working on a review of the A/C system in the Fitness Center. This is due to concerns with the cooling and humidity levels in that building.

Tish Dobson, Lodge Manger, reviewed recent events and activities with the Board. A tetherball set-up has been ordered for the Woodsmere Park. She is also looking for a location at the Lodge complex to install a tetherball. And the Lodge will be helping volunteers organize some additional youth sports activities for the spring/summer season. More details on this new programming will be provided over the next couple of months. Finally, at the February CDD meeting (6:30 PM, February 7th), the Board will be discussing the pros/cons of night lighting for the volleyball court at the Stoneleigh Park. The Board would like resident input on this idea from all residents in WLP, and especially from the families living in close proximity to Stoneleigh Park. Residents are encouraged to attend the February meeting and share their thoughts with the Board. In addition, please call or email Tish Dobson ( / 813-995-2437) with your thoughts on lighting enhancements at the outlying parks.

The Board expects to review a draft of the updated Reserve Study at the February CDD meeting. A representative from the Reserve Study vendor will be present at the meeting to review the report and answer any questions. As a reminder, the purpose of a Reserve Study is to ensure that WLP is putting aside adequate funds for future capital repairs (roofs, playgrounds, pools, etc.).


The next CDD meeting is February 7th, at 6:30 PM, in the Activity Center

Resident input is always welcome … we hope to see you there!

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