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December 6, 2017 CDD Meeting Highlights


DECEMBER 6, 2017

The meeting opened with the Board hearing presentations from 3 landscape oversight firms.  Presently, our management company completes WLP’s monthly landscape inspection.  Next year, the Board is considering moving to a performance based landscape maintenance contract that calls for a graded, scoring system of the landscape vendor, with a financial penalty applied to the vendor for incomplete/deficient landscape work.  There are both pros and cons to this approach, and no final decision has been made.  However, the Board did request proposals from 2 of the oversight firms that made presentations.  The proposals will be reviewed at the January meeting.

The Board also reviewed WLP’s present landscape scope of services, along with new maps delineating mow locations, landscape bed locations, and palm tree count and locations.  The maps will be included in an enhanced landscape scope to better inform a landscape vendor of all areas of the community that need to be maintained.

The Board reviewed the final Reserve Study Analysis proposals from several vendors and awarded the contract to Florida Reserve Study and Appraisal.  We expect to have an updated, completed reserve study early next year.  The purpose of periodically reviewing and updating the reserve schedule is to ensure that we are setting aside the correct amount each year for future repair/replacement of major items (i.e. roof, playground equipment, air conditioners, pool resurfacing, etc.).

The Board reviewed the geotechnical engineering firm’s report regarding the roadway base beneath the front entrance pavers.  The subsurface was tested to a 3 ft. depth.  Groundwater was not encountered, and the base & sub-grade thicknesses appear to meet general pavement structure requirements.  The permit to replace the front pavers with asphalt has been filed with the county.  The District Engineer is working with the county to ensure that the completed project will meet county acceptance specifications.  Once the final specifications have been approved, the contract with the asphalt vendor will be signed.

The Board approved 3 contracts with our security system vendor, ATS, Inc.  One contract was for the installation of surge suppression equipment for the card access system that in the past has been damaged by lightning.  The second contract was for an expanded security camera/DVR system.  The third contract was a renewal of our annual maintenance and repair contract for both the card access and security systems.

The Board discussed a request from some residents to add additional lighting around the volleyball court at Stoneleigh Park so that residents could play in the evenings.  There are numerous pros & cons to adding bright lights to the outlying parks.  The Board did request pricing on the project, though no decision was made as to whether or not to proceed with the lights.  The Board would like resident input on this idea from all residents in WLP, and especially from the families living in close proximity to Stoneleigh Park.  The Board will be discussing this idea at the February 7th meeting at 6:30 PM.  Residents are encouraged to attend the February meeting and share their thoughts with the Board.  In addition, please call or email Tish Dobson ( / 813-995-2437) with your thoughts on lighting enhancements at the outlying parks.


The next CDD meeting is January 3rd, at 9:30 AM, in the Activity Center

Resident input is always welcome … we hope to see you there!

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