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December 7, 2016 CDD Meeting Highlights

At the December meeting the Board welcomed newly elected Supervisor Sam Watson. Sam and his wife Jamie have lived in WLP for 13 years. Sam is well known throughout the community, but especially on the tennis courts where he holds free weekly tennis clinics for WLP youth.  The Board also welcomed back Lou Weissing and Jim Estel who were both re-elected for an additional term. Lou and his wife Fran, and Jim and his wife Karen, are also long-term residents and active community volunteers.


As its first order of business, the Board assigned the following positions for the coming year:


Topics reviewed at the meeting included:

  • A report from Lee Harwell, our District Engineer, regarding the addition of a ramp for the new Lodge playground to make it more accessible for our residents.
  • Approval of new computer equipment for the Lodge staff and the resident Business Center.
  • Approval of security enhancements for our video system to allow Lodge Reps to view our live video feed from the front desk.
  • Approval to construct a concrete sidewalk between the main Lodge and the Activity Center. This area is a major cut-through for residents to get between the buildings and it has been difficult to navigate, especially during wet weather.
  • Approval of landscaping enhancements at the Night Heron / Tower Road entrance.
  • A discussion regarding the timing and costs for sod replacement at some of the parks, along with adding additional shade trees, benches, and picnic tables. This topic will be discussed in greater detail at the next Board meeting. We welcome resident input.
  • A discussion regarding the continuing problem with wetlands violations by some residents. As a reminder, residents MUST contact Tish at the Lodge to arrange for a meeting with Gaydos, our wetlands vendor, prior to removing ANYTHING from the wetlands setback on their property.


The next CDD meeting is at 9:30 AM on January 4th in the Activities Center. Resident input is always welcome. We hope to see you there!

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