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December CDD Meeting Highlights

Wilderness Lake Preserve CDD held its regular monthly meeting on Wednesday, December 2nd.

Here are some highlights from and actions taken during that meeting:

Court Resurfacing – The Board authorized funds to resurface our tennis and basketball courts. Welch Tennis Courts will serve as the contractor.

Playground Update – Three contractors attended a preliminary meeting on the Lodge playground replacement project. A set of bucket swings are included, so the current swing set will be re-positioned in line with safety requirements. Contractors must submit their proposals by the deadline of December 14. You will be able to view their proposals at the Lodge or online with next month’s agenda. Public comment is welcome before and at the January meeting. The Board solicits community input and aims to award a contract at that meeting.

Landscaping Presentation –  Wilderness Lakes is moving away from replacing flowers and plant beds several times a year. Instead, we are transitioning to the use of perennial or permanent plants, with an emphasis on Florida native plants. Of course, we still will have seasonal color “pops” but we hope to avoid throwing out tens of thousands of plants every year. Come to the January meeting and hear all about how this new approach will work. John Toborg will make a featured presentation on the landscaping plans and options. He will explain how the new approach will enhance the look-and-feel of our outdoor space while also saving our community money in an environmentally responsible way. Questions and comments are welcome!

You can find more information about the December meeting when the draft Minutes come out in next month’s Agenda package. The next Board meeting is set for the morning of Wednesday, January 6, 2016. The meeting will start at 9:30 a.m.

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