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July CDD Meeting Highlights

Preserve at Wilderness Lake CDD
Recap of July 1, 2015 Meeting Highlights:

 The Board of Supervisors offers the following highlights from their last meeting in an effort to provide improved communication and transparency of its discussions:


Roofing Project – Management reported that the roof project is completed and we have passed inspection. This was completed on time and on budget. A letter of commendation to our consulting firm and roofing vendor will be drafted to go out for a job well done!

Pools – Management brought up some issues that have been happening at the Pool: The board requests that our residents review the rules and be courteous as we all enjoy the pools. We’ve had some issues and disturbances at the pool and we want to ensure that the rules are followed. The rules will be republished as they are every July.

*Pools & Jacuzzi close at dusk each night.
*No food or beverages within 10 feet of pools (FL. Statute).
*Shower before entering the pools or Jacuzzi (FL. Statute).
*Smoking is prohibited.
*Glass containers are prohibited.
*Anyone under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult.
*No flotation devices in the pools.
*Residents ages 12 – 17 are allowed one guest with parental permission. *Guests must be at least 12 years of age.
*Residents ages 12 – 17 must check in with the Lodge Staff and obtain a wristband upon arrival at the Lodge.
*Safety equipment is in place to meet FL. Code and must not be used for recreation purposes.
*Each WLP family is allowed to bring up to 5 non-resident guests.
*Swimming from the community owned docks is prohibited.

Monument Plantings – As many of you have noted, the areas around the monuments are still bare of plantings. We want to let you know that the monument plantings are targeted to be completed by the end of July. Look for the new plantings to come in soon!

Lodge Playground – The Playground continues to be discussed and the board is starting to narrow down the thought process. We will be meeting and doing a walk-around next meeting to continue to move this project forward. We are having an inspection of our current tree house.

Pool Pavers – Some of the pavers in the pool area will need to be repaired. This will happen over the next few weeks so please be aware when you are at the pool.

Furniture – Lodge furniture is targeted to be replaced at the end of August.


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