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July 5, 2017 CDD Meeting Highlights


July 5, 2017


The Board reviewed the progress of the wetland maintenance along Whispering Wind and the general wetland maintenance plan for the community. It was reaffirmed that:

  • The area between the Whispering Wind pond and the mowed & sodded area along the road is designated as a wetland buffer. Maps are available at the Lodge if residents would like to review them.
  • The invasive vines and primrose along Whispering Wind are being cut back. The lower branches of the wax myrtle will be thinned to enhance the view.
  • No wetland buffer area may be mowed flat or completely cleared of all foliage.
  • The high visibility pond and wetland areas in WLP have been divided into 12 sections. Each month, 1 section receives maintenance work by WLP staff. The following year, the process is started over.
  • WLP’s attorney recommended that residents not be allowed in the work area of the wetlands staff since heavy equipment and/or chemicals are being used.
  • Residents with questions about wetland maintenance around their homes should contact Tish Dobson, Lodge Manager.

The Board reviewed staffing for the remainder of the summer. Staff hours were significantly increased over the 4th of July weekend to help alleviate the behavior issues commonly seen on long, holiday weekends. As a reminder, WLP is a family community with many young children present, so inappropriate language and overly aggressive behavior will not be tolerated. Also, before leaving the Lodge/grounds/pools, please pick up your trash and clean up the area you have been using.

Board member Lou Weissing discussed the potential for WLP to participate in the Fish and Game Commission’s matching grant program for Wilderness Preservation. Lou was designated as the Board Liaison to explore this possibility. Lou will report back to the Board as information becomes available.

The next Board meeting is August 9th (the second Wednesday in August) at 6:30 PM. Please note, this is a change from the regular meeting schedule of the first Wednesday. The August meeting will include the Public Hearing on the budget for the upcoming fiscal year (October 1, 2017 – September 30, 2018). The final budget will be approved at this meeting. No assessment increases are planned for next year.

Resident input is always welcome … we hope to see you there!

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