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March 7, 2018 CDD Meeting Highlights


March 7, 2018


The meeting opened with the Board hearing comments from residents, most of whom were in attendance to share their opinions regarding the pros and cons of lighting the sand volleyball court at Stoneleigh Park. The Board is still evaluating the volleyball court lighting, with a final decision expected at the May 2nd (6:30 PM) meeting. This should give residents ample time to provide the Board with feedback regarding this topic. In addition to discussing the pros and cons of lighting the court, there was also a discussion regarding whether to add a second court at the Woodsmere Park in the rear of the community. Please email Tish Dobson ( with your input.

There were also comments and a discussion regarding Realtor Open House signs. The Board did affirm that the placement of signs on designated CDD property, during the time that the Open House is actually occurring, is acceptable. The language in the CDD policies is being updated to reflect this policy.

Many thanks to all who attended. It was really helpful having resident input.

In official business, the Board reviewed the new draft landscape maintenance specification. Tom Picciano of PSA (new landscape inspection company) was present to answer Board questions and review the specification. The Board hopes to approve the final draft at the April 4th (9:30 AM) meeting.

The Board also reviewed the latest updates to the new Reserve Schedule (money that is set aside annually for major repairs and capital improvements). The Board expects to review it again at the April meeting. The Reserve Schedule is a working document, and always subject to change based upon the needs of the community. However, the Board likes to review the Reserve Schedule, and be comfortable with its estimates, prior to beginning work on the next fiscal year’s budget. The budget process for the 2018-2019 fiscal year will begin at the Board’s Budget Workshop on April 19 at 9:30 AM. Residents are welcome to attend the workshop.

The Board reviewed and approved a tightening of the towing policy for vehicles parked illegally on CDD property (please see article below). As a reminder, vehicle parking is NOT permitted on any CDD property, other than the Lodge parking lot. This means it is illegal to park in any grass or wetland buffer area. Please be aware that if you are parked illegally in one of these areas, you will be towed at your own expense.

The Board reviewed the latest guidance from Pasco County regarding replacing the front entrance roadway pavers with asphalt. This is being considered because of the constant time & money spent on maintaining them. Because WLP’s roads are county roads, the paver replacement would have to be done to county specifications. The review process with the county has been lengthy, and we have learned that replacing the pavers to county specifications (16” of base material and 4” of asphalt) would most likely cost over $100,000.   Therefore, the Board is now researching two alternatives. The first has to do with a different method of repairing the pavers than what we believe has been done in the past. At one point, a vendor had discussed pulling the pavers, putting down a large amount (perhaps up to 16”) of base material, and then reinstalling the pavers. The second alternative is to see if the county would incorporate replacing the pavers into a total road re-pavement project. It is the Board’s assumption that sometime in the next several years the main roadway will be repaved, and that perhaps the paver replacement project could be incorporated into that project. However, since the roads are owned by the county, but the pavers are a CDD responsibility, and the timing of re-paving the roadway is not a CDD decision (please see roadway re-paving article below), it is not clear if the paver project could/should be incorporated into a total road re-pavement. In the interim, as the Board works through this process, we will continue to repair the front roadway pavers as we have in the past.

The next CDD meeting is April 4th, at 9:30 AM, in the Activity Center.

The Budget Workshop is April 19th, at 9:30 AM, in the Activity Center.

Resident input is always welcome … we hope to see you there!



The Preserve at Wilderness Lake Community Development District (CDD)

Parking & Towing Policy

All residents and visitors are required to comply with the following regulations that are applicable to District owned areas:

No parking shall be permitted on the District owned property except in designated parking areas. Vehicles parked in any area where parking is not permitted shall be subject to towing at the expense of the vehicle’s owner.


Lodge and Recreational Facilities Rules and Regulations Common Areas Penalty Explanation

 In addition to the penalties and fines, the Board of Supervisors may take additional legal action against persons who do not comply with the Rules and Regulations.

 For the first category 1 or category 2 offense a written warning will be issued to the offender and staff will discuss the rules with the offender and send the offender home for the day. Category 3 offenses will result in a one week suspension. Category 4 offenses will result in a one month suspension, except in the case of a CDD Parking Policy violation. 1st offense written and verbal notification.
2 offense – Vehicle towed at owner’s expense.

If the severity of a violation of any of these rules is deemed to endanger the welfare of any individuals or property, the Lodge Staff will retain the right to contact the Pasco County Sheriff’s Department and adjust the consequences to fit with the violation.


Pasco County Road Repaving

The CDD has received several requests to consider repaving Wilderness Lake Blvd. While the CDD Board of Supervisors is aware and sensitive to the condition of the Wilderness Lake Blvd., repaving the roads in Wilderness Lake Preserve does not fall under the scope of the CDD or the Board of Supervisors.  The initiation of the repaving process can be facilitated by a Wilderness Lake Preserve Homeowner by means of contacting the Pavement Assessment Office as specified in the Special Assessment Ordinance No. 02-17.

Public Works
4454 Grand Blvd.
New Port Richey, FL 34652

Ph: (727) 834-3601
Fx: (727) 834-3212

Pasco County Pavement Management

Purpose Statement
Provide County-wide road inventory and condition assessment, easements and right-of-ways (ROW) acquisition, ROW infrastructure inspection, paving residential, arterial, and collector roads; develop management and maintenance schedules to provide residents with an increased use and enjoyment of their property, improved public health, safety, and welfare considerations; and better access for public safety and service vehicles.

Local/Residential Road Improvements
Pasco County, like many predominately rural counties throughout the United States and Florida, funds the paving and repaving of the roads by assessing the benefited property owners. Property taxes are not used for road construction or maintenance. Your property taxes fund parks, libraries, jails, courts, law enforcement, animal control and a myriad of other County services and offices, but not local road improvements.

Local or neighborhood streets are paved or repaved under the Special Assessment Ordinance No. 02-17. While the County does maintain some lime-rock roads by grading, the County cannot afford to accept additional unpaved roads for maintenance or pave those we do maintain.

Paving Assessment Account
The money to fund local/residential road improvements comes from the paving assessment account (a revolving fund). The benefited property owners are required to repay the money so that the paving assessment account will be replenished and future projects will be possible. The repayment can vary from five to 15 years depending on the project.

Road Improvement Steps
The Paving Assessment Office is contacted and a site visit is requested for the roads involved. The initial contact person making the request provides their name, address and telephone number.

  1. The paving assessment engineer then conducts a site evaluation and prepares the initial cost estimate for the improvements requested.
  2. The initial contact person is informed as to the nature of the work involved, along with a preliminary cost estimate. If it is decided to proceed with the project based on this information, the initial contact person is then designated petition leader.
  3. The Paving Assessment Office sends out petition letters to all the benefited property owners explaining the proposed project and the maximum amount to be assessed after the work is completed. Also enclosed with the letter is a returned envelope and a form on which the property owners vote yes or no for the proposed project. Before proceeding, 50% of those responding must be in favor of the project.
  4. If enough favorable responses are received, The Board of County Commissioners holds a public hearing on the petition and, if approved, the petition becomes a project and is scheduled for construction.
  5. After the project is completed, all specially benefited property owners are billed their share of the completed work regardless of whether they voted for or against the improvement project.

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