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March CDD Highlights

Wilderness Lake Preserve CDD held its regular monthly business meeting on Wednesday, March 2. The Board also convened for a workshop on organizational issues on Monday, March 9, but no votes were taken at that time. Here are some highlights from the District’s March meetings:

Preservation and Conservation Easement Issues ~ Many homes in Wilderness Lakes back up on wetlands or to conservation areas on District property. Sometimes new residents are unfamiliar with the restrictions, setbacks, and other limitations their responsibilities, and sometimes other homeowners forget about those rules. The Board heard a report from our hydrological service about the cutting of trees and clearing of vegetation on District-managed properties. Unauthorized actions are not only bad for the environment, but they also can be costly to the community AND to the homeowner. Remember: If you don’t know the rules and limits on cutting or clearing, contact the Lodge at (813) 995-2437 or see Tish Dobson first!

Deerfields and Newsletter Bills ~ The Board approved additional funds to complete the Deerfields drainage project. The project should now be complete. The Board also authorized funds for the transition to our new newsletter vendor.

Road Matters ~ Everyone knows about the wear and depressions on our main roads. The Lodge reported on erosion around a manhole cover in the middle of Wilderness Lakes Boulevard. Staff is keeping after the County, but the repair work has been slow.
In other road news, Pasco County officials will be on hand at the Lodge to give a presentation to WLP residents on road resurfacing. The event will start at 5:30 on Thursday, April 21, 2016. The program should last about an hour, and your questions are welcome. NOTE: The road resurfacing is NOT a District responsibility. While we are glad to have the County come speak to our residents, the Board will NOT be involved in this project.

You can find more information about the March meetings when the draft Minutes come out in next month’s Agenda package. The next Board meeting is set for the morning of Wednesday, April 6, 2016. The meeting will start at 9:30 a.m.

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