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May 3, 2017 CDD Meeting Highlights


May 3, 2017


The meeting opened with a recap discussion of the management structure workshop held on April 18th.  Rizzetta Management Services also informed the Board there would not be any fee increase for the coming fiscal year (10/2017 – 9/2018) provided the Board did not change the existing Scope of Services. The Board appointed Supervisor Jim Estel as Board liaison with Rizzetta to review the present Scope.

The Board approved the bid from ACPLM to repair, re-seal, and re-stripe the Lodge parking lot.

The Board reviewed the annual independent auditor’s report for Fiscal Year 2016. An annual independent audit is a requirement of Florida state law. No deficiencies were found.

The Board approved a new property insurance policy and vendor.  Previously, WLP’S policy ran from June through May, which is cumbersome for budget planning purposes since the fiscal year runs October through September. With the new vendor, the Board approved a 4 month policy through the end of this fiscal year, followed by a 12 month policy for the next fiscal year.

The annual Budget Workshop will be held on May 10th at 9:30 AM in the Activities Center. The Board will be reviewing the current budget relative to next year’s anticipated expenses.  The Workshop is open to the public and resident input is welcome.  The Board will approve a preliminary budget for submission to Pasco County at the June 7th (9:30 AM) CDD meeting.

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