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November 1, 2017 CDD Meeting Highlights


NOVEMBER 1, 2017

The Board discussed the Equipment Room Flooring in the Fitness Center. Proposals from two vendors were reviewed. The present Fitness Center floor consists of carpet squares that are worn, hold odors, moisture, and dust. The Board approved replacing the floor in the equipment area with a Mohawk Slate Rubber Commercial Tile and instructed management to complete the contract negotiations with Great Britain Tile (the same vendor that installed the Activities Center floor a couple of years ago). The carpet in the Aerobics Room has already been replaced with a rubber aerobics tile. The new flooring should be installed shortly after the first of the year. The project will take several days and will temporarily close the Fitness Center. The Lodge will e-blast the community with closing dates and times once the final schedule has been set.

The Board heard presentations from two vendors for a replacement (and somewhat expanded) security camera & DVR system. The vendors also presented information regarding surge suppression equipment for the card access system. At the conclusion of the presentations, our current vendor (ATS; A Total Solution) was asked to provide the Board with additional information regarding optimal options on the DVR system, and also clarification on our current service contract. The topic will be reviewed again at the December meeting.

Lee Harwell, WLP’s District Engineer, reviewed the progress on replacing the road pavers with asphalt at the front entrance of the community. They are being considered for replacement due to their continued deterioration and high maintenance costs. A geotechnical engineering firm has been contracted to complete some of the preliminary testing and specifications. Also, Mr. Harwell is consulting with Pasco County regarding their approval process for the project.

The Board reviewed proposals from two vendors to update WLP’s reserve funding plan. This is the money that is set aside each year for future large capital repairs (roofing, playground equipment, flooring, furniture, etc.) The Board requested sample studies from all vendors prior to the December meeting.

The Board discussed some of the continual landscape issues in the community and whether or not WLP would benefit from returning to a performance based landscape contract. A request was made to have 2 to 3 landscape performance vendors at the December meeting to review their services.


The next CDD meeting is December 6th, at 9:30 AM, in the Activity Center

Resident input is always welcome … we hope to see you there!


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