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October & November CDD Meeting Highlights

The Wilderness Lake Preserve CDD had to reschedule its monthly meeting. The Board of Supervisors met on Wednesday, October 21.

Residents commented about the bottles and cans they saw coming up out of the storm drains. Staff is to contact Pasco County and arrange a schedule for storm drain cleaning.

We all saw our streets flood over the summer, and many of us have back yards that drained very slowly. Tonja Stewart, our District Engineer, explained the design and workings of the Wilderness Lake drainage plan. She explained that the system has actually been performing as it was designed: water is flowing into retention ponds, where is is filtered and conveyed to the wetlands. Most of WLP’s wetlands drain into The Greens, which drains into a series of areas across 41, all of which ultimately drain into the Anclote River. When the Anclote backed up, there was no place for our waters to go. The whole area sat stagnant until after that river crested. (The Deerfields corner of WLP drains east to Cypress Creek; that part was not as badly affected by stormwater drainage). Better street drainage around here will have to depend on changes to the river basin and cannot be accomplished just here in Wilderness Lakes.

The Board also reviewed the current natural area policy, including its procedures for dealing with damaged or unstable trees. It discussed the inspection fees and the responsibility for damage to docks. District Counsel will assemble the existing policies and prepare updated language for the November meeting.

The Board voted to approve funds for the replacement of the theater screen. The Board also approved the replacement of railroad ties at the Stoneleigh and Tower Road playgrounds with rubber barriers. And the Board approved an amended annual contract with Rizzetta, its district management company.

You can find out more information on the October meeting at the Wilderness Lake Preserve website. The official minutes are posted there online.  wildernesslakecdd.org10-21-15-Executed.pdf


Wilderness Lake Preserve CDD held its regular monthly meeting on Wednesday, November 4.

The Board began by considering the applications of candidates for the vacant Board seat. Jim Estel was selected for the open Supervisor position. He will serve out the remainder of the term for Seat 4 through November of 2016. Jim took the oath and was seated on the Board. You can speak to Jim in person or contact him by e-mail at

The Supervisors are determined to move forward with re-opening the playground. The Board revised and approved terms for a Request for Proposals covering the Lodge playground replacement project. Contractors must turn their proposals in to the District Manager by December 14. Residents will be able to view the proposals in the January agenda, and public comment is welcome before and at the January meeting. The Board will consider proposals on January 6, 2016, and aims to award the contract at that meeting.

The Board tabled the resurfacing of our tennis courts until more information is made available. The Board approved a revised natural area policy.

You can find more information on the November meeting when the draft Minutes come out in next month’s Agenda. The Board’s next meeting is set for the morning of Wednesday, December 2. The meeting will start at 9:30 a.m.



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