Tuesday, November 19, 2019
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The Lodge at Wilderness Lake Preserve

The Preserve at Wilderness Lake CDD is proud to be the owner of the Lodge facilities and welcomes all residents and guests to come and enjoy the amenities. Our Lodge Manager, Tish Dobson, coordinates a full and part-time staff of 9 to ensure that the facilities are kept safe, neat and clean so the residents and guests are able to fully enjoy the amenities. Hayley Parker, the Activities and Events Coordinator, implements more than 30 events a year for adults, teens and children.  Every member of the Lodge Team, including Lodge Representatives, Maintenance, Grounds Technicians, and Pool Monitors, take pride in our facilities.  We are all dedicated to providing  friendly and helpful service.

Our Lodge Team is responsible for the operations and maintenance of all facilities including the pools, playgrounds, Fitness Center, Spa, Nature Center, Theater, dock, and tennis and basketball courts. They are also responsible for planning and hosting all events. The Lodge Team follows the policies set by the Board of Supervisors while ensuring that all guests are able to enjoy the facilities as they were designed.

The Lodge facilities are set up with a security system which includes a card access system for entry to the Fitness Center. We have implemented some new policies regarding the card system. You are encouraged to contact the Lodge directly regarding current policy and how to obtain an access card or a community identification card for you and your children.

Should you have any questions regarding the Lodge facilities or use, please contact the Lodge Team.

Phone: 813-995-2437